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“Emotion fuels my passion”

About - Martine Lee, Artist Sculptor

Martine LEE

Artist Sculptor

Born in Paris in 1949, Martine LEE settled in Seine-et-Marne before transferring her studio to the hills of Nice in 2008.

Passionate from an early age about the plastic arts, she went from painting to framing and creating decorative objects, before turning to making original silk garments, in the process dyeing her creations.

She discovered sculpture at the age of 40, a discipline she perfected in various art schools over the course of ten years.

In 1996, Martine LEE suffered an accident that left her immobilized for 6 months. She decided to put her passion for sculpture to creative use, and became a professional sculptor.

Martine LEE’s world

Martine LEE is not only interested in the appearance of her subjects, but also in the emotion that emanates from them. Ainsi, pour préserver ce contact intime, elle sculpte ce qu’elle ressent et travaille principalement sans modèle ni photo.

She finds her inspiration in her “travel diary”, where, backpacking, she is enriched by contacts with people from all walks of life. She mentally captures emotionally-charged moments and works from within on her figures, which then take shape in a block of clay.

To express a feeling or a situation, she also creates imaginary characters, where posture complements the expressions born of features.

Her passion for the human figure remains the starting point for her work. Her experience as a stylist ensures that the bodies are elegantly dressed, with particular attention to drapery.

It’s in the foundry that her works, transformed into bronze, complement each other with lightness, harmony and elegance. She directs the craftsmen in the selection and placement of oxidized patinas.

Awards and honours

Member of Maison des Artistes since 2003

1ᵉʳ Prize for sculpture – Prix de la Ville de Crécy-la-Chapelle (2012)
Prix Du public CHENNEVIERES, 94, France (1999)
Prix du jury COURPALAY, 77, France (1998)
Prix du public, Salon international de l’art contemporain (2015)

Prix spécial du jury du 18e salon d’automne de Pontault

1ᵉʳ Prix de sculpture de Courpalay (1998)

Médaille de la ville, Marché régional de l’art

Premiers prix du jury et de sculpture — Noisiel, Montévrain, Ozoir-la-Ferrière

Prix de la Municipalité, Le salon d’Iris (2002)

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